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Created in 1997, the ‘Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit’ is a non-biological, completely homogeneous, safe and superior quality formula which contains all of the ingredients normally found in urine. It is properly balanced for PH levels, specific gravity, creatinine, and replicates all properties of real human urine. ‘Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine’ is ideal for a variety of diagnostic applications including general research, quantitative analysis and test kit calibration, and can also be used as a novelty item or as a fetish item in adult toys. It has a 3-year shelf life and requires no refrigeration, freezing or thawing.

Included in the Box

  • 2oz of Synthetic Urine

  • Temperature Strip

  • Heating Pad

  • Rubber Band.

Unlike many other Synthetic Urine products on the market, ‘Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine’ contains uric acid. Uric Acid is usually tested during a urine test, which is why it is important that any Synthetic Urine product contains it. The only difference between Ultra Pure and regular urine is that Ultra Pure is uni-sex (does not contain hormones, which aren’t usually tested for during a urine test), and it does not contain the user’s DNA (also not usually tested for).