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Kegel Training Set - Strawberry

Kegel Training Set - Strawberry

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Revitalise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with this quirky kegel training set.

Set includes six weighted silicone exercisers shaped like a strawberry with a convenient retrieval cord.

The exercisers gradually increase in weight so you can progress your workouts over time.

Starting with the lightest weight, apply plenty of your favourite water-based lubricant to the strawberry, insert into your vagina, leaving the retrieval cord out, and begin your squeeze/relax kegel routine.

As your pelvic floor strength improves, move onto the next heaviest weight.


* Designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles
* 6 different weights for progression
* Strawberry-shaped with retrieval cord
* Unscented
* Body-safe & phthalate-free silicone

Length (including cord): 5.5" (14 cm)
Length per strawberry: 1.75" (4.5 cm)
Width per strawberry: 1.5" (3.75 cm)
Weights: 1.5 oz (45 g), 2 oz (60 g), 2.5 oz (75 g), 3 oz (90 g), 3.5 oz (105 g), 4 oz (115 g)