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Colourful Camo Douche

Colourful Camo Douche

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The Colourful Camo Douche is an easy-to-use squeeze bulb cleaning system. The Colourful Camo Douche is made of 100% silicone to ensure a safe, smooth, and comfortable experience. Always clean your douche with warm, soapy water before and after each use. Water based lubricant recommended.

The unit is easy to dismantle, meaning you can clean it quickly and easily, and the sturdy construction means the unit is designed to last. Not only is it hygienic, but it is also incredibly safe to use, so you have full peace of mind when using this product.
The attachments are made of 100% silicone

Suitable for both men and women, ideal for colon cleansing, regular cleaning and helps to prevent bacterial infection and constipation.

Camo Douche has a rather decent size bullb to hold enough water to give you a great clean. The nozzle has a great tip for slow and easy insertion and narrows down in the middle. The insertable length of the nozzle is up to 12cm with a width of 2cm.
Colourful Silicone Material with blues, pinks, purples with some black thrown in as well. The silicone is good quality and is suitable for most sensitive issues with certain materials.