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Bondage Tape - Black

Bondage Tape - Black

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If you like bondage but have yet to try bondage tape, you've been missing out big time! A one-size-fits-all wonder product, this tape fits any body part you desire and can be reused time and time again. Plus, with no glue, it'll never pull your hair out!

Made from PVC and designed to ONLY stick to itself, this tape can safely be used to bind your sub's wrists and ankles, without fear of it sticking to their skin, body hair or your favourite furniture.

Whilst stuck in place it offers reliable bondage and can even be wrapped around other body parts to create a stunning fetishwear look. When you're ready to remove it, simply peel off the tape or cut your sub free using safety scissors.

If you take care when releasing your lover, you can even rinse the tape and re-roll it for use another time. Win!

Key Features:

  • Self-adhesive bondage tape for one-size-fits-all restraint

  • No glue - only sticks to itself and never sticks to skin, body hair or furniture

  • Can easily be cut with bondage safety scissors

  • Reusable - clean and re-roll for multiple uses

  • Suitable for creating PVC clothing, blindfolds or wrist and ankle binds