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BKK Virtual Reality

BKK Virtual Reality

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BKK Cybersex Cup is an awesome adult toy for male, which combines traditional masturbation cup with innovative Virtual Reality (VR) technology.

As a result, you can have some cyber sexy time with your favorite girl/girls likes you are really having an intimate encounter with her.

 First of all, it is a masturbation cup and thus contained a fine quality silicon sleeve for sexual pleasure. Basically what you can expect in any masturbation cup.

- Nonetheless, a motion sensor was installed inside every BKK Cybersex Cup. Your every strokes are transmitted to the Mobile App and thus your cyber girlfriend. You will be having "cyber sex" literally.

- Moreover, there are buttons on the Cup with functions ranged from selecting camera angles and sex positions, undressing your cyber girlfriend, to making her orgasm when you feels like it.