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Aphrodite Hair Oil 70mL

Aphrodite Hair Oil 70mL

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Purpose: Providing unique hydration, Aphrodite Hair Oil will repair and strengthen hair. Protect hair from heat, seal in moisture, prevent damage and encourage growth. Hair will be hydrated and internally nourished, restoring the natural equilibrium.

Key components: Blended with delicate essential oils and harnessing powerful antioxidants from macadamia nuts, jojoba seeds, coconuts, grapeseeds, pomegranates and sweet almonds.

Enriched: Bursting with high strength anti-oxidants, proteins, vitamins A, C, E + K, Omegas 6, 7 + 9 and essential fatty acids.

Ritual: Apply a weekly light coating to dry hair and scalp. Leave minimum of 15 minutes, shampoo twice and condition.

Intensify: Apply Aphrodite Hair Oil at night, sleep, shampoo twice and condition in the morning.