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Colt Silicone Super Rings - Red

Colt Silicone Super Rings - Red

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reate a squeeze around your package that makes it rock hard and able to last seemingly forever with the thick and silky pair of black silicone cockrings from COLT. This matching pair are not quite a mirror image, with one ring measuring in at a diameter of 3.8 cm and the other ring at 4.4 cm. The varying sizes creates lots of pleasure potential, providing you with the versatility to combine the rings or use separately in several different fashions. Use them together to form a sleek, ultra thick look and tight grip around the base of the shaft or your entire package, or use them in varying combinations around balls, penis, and both together. And of course, you can always use just one, and the two set pack is great for adjusting to different comfort levels and experience.


The rings are both made from a stretchy silicone material and its ultra durable composition will retain that elastic quality throughout a lifetime of uses. It’s a hypoallergenic material and made with a non porous surface that keeps it highly hygienic and free from growing bacteria. Silicone won't pull at body hair or skin and it will stay in place while it even warms up to match your body temperature for a natural feel.

Set of 2 super sized and durable, extra stretchy Silicone rings
Soft and comfortable with superior strength
1.5"/3.75 cm (diameter-medium)
1.75"/4.5 cm (diameter-large)